Blackberry is taking the cross platform portability thing very seriously and as a result it will bring the ability to load Android apps on Blackberry devices. Blackberry 10.2 SDK is already in its beta stage and is expected to bring back to life the sinking boat of Blackberry as the new update will allow Blackberry 10.2 to support Android apps.

The company took to their blog to explain the update, stating that ‘Adobe AIR 3.5 brings with it Stage 3D for accelerated OpenGL graphics and the Android run-time upgrade brings it up to Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) compatibility. As with any beta, this is a work in progress as we work our way towards the gold release of the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK.’

Blackberry earlier stated that Blackberry 10 will support Android Gingerbread apps but since then most of the apps have been updated to Jelly bean and hence the new update will feature support for Jelly Bean apps on Blackberry devices. Its a great news not only for Blackberry but also for users as they can get the benefits of large number of Android apps on their Blackberry smartphones.

However no news have been received on the official roll out of the update but for sure we’ll inform the users as soon as we get to know. Meanwhile developers can starting working on Android Jelly bean apps and check how they work on Blackberry devices as the SDK is available for download.

Credits: ThinkDigit


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