How to install iOS 7 without developers account:  If you think that the new operating system is not worth your $99 plus the waiting time for approval of developer account, there here’s the solution to the problem, how to install iOS 7 without developers account.

Steps to upgrade to iOS 7

  • iOS 7 beta version is compatible with iPhone 5, 4 and 4s along with iPad 2, mini, retina and iPod touch 5g.
  • Firstly, connect your device and update your iTunes to the latest version and backup all your data for safety and recovery.
  • Now, download the latest version of iOS 6. The version currently in iPhone 5 is 6.1.4 which can be downloaded from here. 
  • Now download iOS 7 from here. The download file is in .dmg image format so if you are a windows users then you must have DMG to ISO converter to use and extract the .ipsw firmware file.
  • In the iTunes app, hold the Shift (Windows users) or Option key (Mac users) and hit the Restore button. iPhone 5 users should choose the iOS 6.1.4 while users of the other compatible devices have to click the iOS 6.1.3.
  • Hold the shift or the option key again and press the update command and choose iOS 7 Beta 1.
  • From here onwards you will get a step by step guide which will offer you information on what to do next. So just perform the step as described. That’s it you now have the iOS 7 without developers account.

The process has been success in various devices but since it is in beta stage there is always a possibility of crash, faster battery consumption and other flaws as guarantee cannot be given for something coming from a third party source.


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