There was a time when Symbian was one of the most popular and used mobile Operating System. But now Symbian OS is officially dead after Nokia Pureview 808 which was the last Symbian based phone stopped shipping.

The news is not much of a surprise as Nokia announced way back in 2011 that it would would stop making Symbian handsets when ti partnered with Microsoft to use Windows as the OS in its devices. But still there are about 200 million Symbian devices in the market which will get full support from Nokia, as said by the company.

Nokia ditched the Symbian OS because of the Windows Phone OS but there are many reasons for doing so. Symbian was a very complex OS to manage and develop requiring nearly two years two build a new device and hence stood no chance in front of rivals such as Android and iOS. Surprisingly Nokia used Symbian for its 41 megapixel phone which resulted in failure of the device as the market at the time of launch was filled with Android smartphones. We are sure that Nokia would have gain much more if Pureview had been running on platform like Windows.

Nokia lost the control in the market when it was using Symbian and other brands switched to Android  but now things are looking much better with the latest Lumia series doing well in the market.

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