Useful Android features which you don’t know about: Android is the most famous and most used mobile operating system in recent years but still there are many cool features lurking under that veneer of usability of which everyone might not be aware off. If you know what be are talking about than you can transfer files at higher speed, increase the security of phone and much more. So here the list of some useful android features which you don’t know about:

Direct File Transfer via Wi-Fi:


Google introduced a feature called Bean in Android 4.0 which allowed to share links, apps and few other content but with 4.1 the functionality was updated to allow photo sharing.  You just need two NFC enabled devices together and the file goes over. This feature is cool but works on Bluetooth so can take very long time. Luckily most modern Android devices support Wi-Fi direct transfer.

To use Wi-Fi direct you need to have a Wi-Fi radio on. Then all you need is an app to mediate the connection. SuperBeam is probably the best as it supports both NFC and non NFC devices. Select the files you want to share and click on SuperBeam from the sharing menu, NFC devices can be tapped to start the transfer while you can also scan QR code for non NFC devices.  The transfer speed is amazingly fast usually upwards of 30Mbps.

PC Keyboard Mode:


Google released the stock Jelly bean keyboard app in Google Play recently which provides users interesting options. Deep in the setting of this keyboard you can find a layout selector which offers PC mode. This mode puts more keys on the screen instead of hiding things behind long press. You will also have a dedicated row for numbers.

To enable just go to your input settings and open Google Keyboard settings. Tap on advanced and then on Advanced Settings. Choose custom layout and select language then from the drop down pick PC. Now back in the main keyboard settings just change over to PC keyboard. This layout can be useful for large screen phones only and a tablet users could definitely benefit from this.

Encrypt your Device:


If you are very serious about your security then this feature might be interesting to you in Android 4.0. You will be asked to choose a PIN code which must be entered every time the device starts up. If you don’t have the PIN, the device remains locked. The only way to use the device at that point is to reset it to factory defaults through Recovery mode. In fact, you can’t disable the decryption at all except by resetting.

Keep in mind that the encryption can take up to 2 to 3 hours hence keep it plugged in the whole time and don’t let it interrupt as you can loose a lot of data. You just need to select the option labelled as Encrypt Phone or tablet is you are using a tablet.

Backup the Apps data:


Earlier to backup the data stored inside apps required root access but its a easy process now. There’s alot of reasons to backup the app date for instance if you want to switch your device. Google silently added a data backup system in Android 4.0 but there’s no menu to access it. The manual method is to connect your device to a PC and use Android Debug Bridge to issue backup commands.

By typing “adb backup” you awaken the backup system, but you’ll want to append the command with modifiers to create a single file (-f), get all app data (-all), and skip the actually app installers (-noapk). So the command would be “adb backup -f -noapk -all.” To restore, just use “adb restore,” and make sure the .AB file is still in the ADB directory.

An app in Google Play called Helium utilizes the Android backup system, but it can work without a PC, and can even store your app data in the cloud. You will have to enable Helium with a desktop app if you’re not rooted, but the app works untethered

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